Karen Journoud - Three Valleys - Méribel , Méribel-Mottaret, Les Allues, Brides-Les-Bain

Karen Journoud
Méribel Les Allues is a picturesque alpine village located in the French Alps, in the Tarentaise Valley of the Savoie region. It is part of the famous Three Valleys ski resort, which is the largest ski area in the world, spanning over 600km of slopes. The villages of Les Allues, Méribel, Méribel Village and Méribel Mottaret have a traditional Savoyard style, with charming wooden chalets. They are situated at an altitude between 1100 and 1700 meters, and are surrounded by stunning mountain scenery, including the Dent de Burgin and the Roc de Fer peaks. In addition to skiing, Méribel Les Allues offers a variety of winter sports activities. During the summer months, visitors can enjoy open-air activities on the green pastures and mountains alike. The village has a range of restaurants, cafes, and shops, as well as several bars and nightclubs for après-ski entertainment. Overall, Méribel Les Allues is a beautiful and vibrant alpine village that offers a perfect mix of winter and summer sports activities, as well as a range of leisure and entertainment options.